The size of this kitten was no more than a spoon. He had to fight for his life for a long time

Baby Francis, a cute little kitten, was small in size no more than a tablespoon. There were many ups and downs in his life.

We must say that from the very beginning he had practically no chance. This kitten was born on the street, which obviously gave him poor health.

The doctor who treated the baby was forced to take him home because only there he could leave him.

Another cat already lived at this woman’s house. He turned out to be very friendly. He also taught the baby the rules of behavior, showing him how to go to the tray and generally be a decent cat.

This kitten has experienced many hardships in life. However, despite this, he was playful and restless. The doctor took it with her to work in her pocket. Due to the fact that he was given a lot of affection and love, he was able to recover.

If it talks about weight, then the baby managed to get a little better. However, most likely he will not be able to grow into a large cat. He does not have growth hormone, so he will most likely be miniature.

This baby is a model of courage and strength of the cat’s spirit. After all, he managed to survive a lot in life.

However, now it is already quite a happy cat, which will continue to improve, delighting people around.

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