The store stuff couldn’t understand why the street cat was so staring at the shop windows.

Employees of a Turkish store located in Istanbul saw a street cat looking at shop windows.They didn’t understand what the cat needed.
Of course,animals should not be allowed into the clothing store,but curiosity played a role,and the employees decided to make an exception for this cat.Everything became clear right away.

At the bottom,there were small balls of different colors.The cat looked at them from the street for a long time and dreamed of playing with such alluring balls.
Therefore,after the cat entered the store,he started chasing balloons with his paws.He spent a few minutes so exciting.Then the cat left the room with a business step and went for a walk.

While the cat was playing with interest,employees shot fascinating videos and then shared with it on the Internet.Thus,the fluffy animal made an excellent advertisement for the store.These video was seen by the management of the store.They did not scold the sellers,but on the contrary praised them.
Also the director ordered to install additional decor with multicolored shining balls.And the cats will feel good,and things will go up in his store.

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