The story of a girl who wasn’t afraid to shelter a panther cub.

Today our story is about a little panther nicknamed Moon.This poor thing’s mother treated her quite cruelly.Panther categorically refused to feed her child.

In addition,she threw the baby out of their habitat.Zoo employees found a small panther near the cage.People were sure that the baby wouldn’t survive.The baby was barely breathing,she was very cold.

The zoo staff decided to sell a small panther.But soon a girl with an incredibly kind heart found out about the abandoned baby.She took a tiny panther to her house and gave her a chance for a new life.

The girl took care of the baby,she treated her with kindness and love.As you know,kindness works wonders.
She regularly posts Moon’s photos on social media.The girl admits that Moon is still a prankster.One day,Moon bit the mistress while feeding.Fortunately,the bite was not deep.

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