The story of an incredibly rare mole that is shown to people about 10 times in a decade!

The marsupial mole,known as a carrkaratul,does not seem to love human society very much.But now it is imprinted for humanity once and for all!
Carrkaratul,also called marsupial moles,are found in the deserts of central Australia.They can b seen very rarely — they spend most of their lives underground.They appear on the surface only for a short time — they are completely blind.

According to National Geographic,people manage to see carrkaratuls only 5 to 10 times in 10 years.
Last week,Tjamu Tjamu Aboriginal corporation posted a video with one of these furry animals on Facebook.»We received a video about various types of shrubs,» says Kate Crossing,the host of the corporation’s Facebook page.

«We were already driving back when a small golden creature crossed the road right in front of us.Yelty(Kate’s partner) shouted Carrkaratul!.» And jumped out of the car as soon as I stopped it.We all crowded around,and Yelty carefully held this beautiful creature in her hands,and it made digging movements with strong front paws.
Tjamu Tjamu Aboriginal Corporation does everything possible to conserve rare species of animals and plants,so the carrkaratul in the flesh was a pleasant surprise for the company!

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