The story of dog Cinderella:a dog from the shelter became a film star!

This story really looks like the plot of a fairy tale about Cinderella.Only in the lead role is not a modest girl,but a dog with a very difficult fate.Freya is a Staffordshire Terrier who spent her whole life in a dog shelter and was nicknamed «the most lonely dog in the world.»No one needed her for many years.And nos she is a real film star,a filming partner of Anthony Hopkins and the owner of a loving family.Miracles happen.

Freya is six years old.She suffers from epilepsy.All her life she lived in a dog shelter in Freshfield.The staff of the shelter tried their best to find Freya a loving family,but they failed.Freya set a record for the shelter:potential owners met the dog 18720 times,but none of them wanted to take Freya to their house.
Employees of the shelter did not despair an decided to publish an article about Freya in one of the British newspapers.Journalists who told the sad story of Freya’s shelter life called her «the most lonely dog in the world.»

Fortunately.the article accidentally caught the eye of the famous Hollywood director Mike Bay.He is a big dog lover and so he decided to help the dog,saying that he would give Freya a role in his new blockbuster and help her find the owners.
So Freya got o the set of «Transformers-5»,where her filming partner was the famous Anthony Hopkins.

Freya feels great on the set.She fascinated everyone,including her star partner.
Mike Bay also fulfilled his second promise:he helped Freya find the owners.Now she has not only fame,but also a loving family!

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