The thin dog came to the dacha and sat down on the porch.He was chased away,but he didn’t leave.

One day,a thin and hungry dog came to the Sergey’s dacha.It was wearing a collar,but the pet clearly wandered the streets a long time ago.They try to find the owners in gardening,but everything was unsuccessful.

The animal spent the whole day on the porch and in the evening people went home to the city.Sergey’s wife,worried about the future of the dog,offered to go to the dacha again to at least feed the poor fellow.
When the couple returned to the dacha,the pet was still sitting on the porch,continuing to wait for something…

After consulting,the couple took him to a city apartment.The dog was given the nickname Walley,but then the saddest time began.
It turned out that the pet had distemper.The couple decided to fight to the last.And against all odds,Walley survived.He probably felt how much the owners were worried about him,so he fought!

We hope that life will generously reward these wonderful people for their love for animals!

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