The tiny puppy was tied to the fence and left…

In a barely noticeable place,lonely,anxiously,on the last breath the puppy asked for help.A tiny puppy with French roots was tied to the fence and should have waited for either the former owners or anyone who could save her from the chilling cold.

She was exhausted,fastened and terribly scared.Apparently,the former family didn’t favor the girl much.
Bitter life experience taught the best weapon — to attack first.Because of this,the pet argued and sometimes even snapped,bit her hands and didn’t let anyone go to the enclosure.

The tiny baby was named Lally.She weighs only 10 kilograms.The baby’s health remained intact.There are no acute problems with the mental state either.The girl is in contact with everyone:people and other pets.
She likes walks,communication and attention.Lally has all the necessary documents,sterilized,vaccinated,ready-made doll is the best friend.The girl is looking for a home!

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