“The unicorn puppy” is considered the cutest pet on the whole Internet

An absolutely adorable and, moreover, unusual puppy appeared recently in one of the animal shelters in the American city of Jackson (Missouri).

The puppy froze on the street, but caring passers-by picked him up and thereby saved his life.

The employees of the shelter were very surprised to see a puppy with a real tail right on its forehead.

It was decided to call such a miracle of nature Narwhal; the name was given to the horned inhabitants of the deep sea.

Veterinarians examined Narwhal and did not reveal any developmental abnormalities in him, except for an extra tail. The puppy is quite healthy, active and waiting for its new owners.

An X-ray of the extra tail showed that it had nothing to do with the entire body. Why he suddenly grew up on his forehead – veterinarians do not know, especially since he does not look like a tail in the classical sense.

According to veterinarians, amputation of the second tail will not cause any harm to Narwhal, but so far they are in no hurry with the operation.

The tail does not move, does not grow, and therefore it was decided not to touch it yet. Let the Narwhal grow up, get stronger, and always have time to cut off the excess.

There are already plenty of people who want to take Narwhal to them, veterinarians want to observe him for some more time, and then give him into good hands.

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