The woman couldn’t restrain her emotions when she saw a dog on the roadside…

A food delivery officer accidentally noticed a little dog right by the road — she was scared for him,and immediately stopped to help.

A U.S. resident who works on food delivery accidentally saw a stray dog by the road.A frightened poor guy rushed near the road,and almost got hit by a truck.The woman immediately stopped on the sidelines to help the baby.

She immediately noticed that the dog was very similar to her dog,which had recently passed away.»I saw this dog by the road,he was rushing right next to a truck passing by.He was so small,and immediately reminded me of my ex-dog,»said the woman.

When she approached the dog,he approached her with confidence — and he seemed glad that he was noticed.That day,the woman took the dog to the vet.It turned out that the dog was homeless.In addition to the tangles on the wool,he was in good health.

That day,the woman decided that it was fate.She took the dog with her,gave the nickname Stitch,and began to take care of him.Stitch was very grateful to the new mistress for his rescue.

Now Stitch is happy next to his loving mistress.»At first he was a little shy,he didn’t even know how to play with toys.But then he turned into the most wonderful dog.He often brings us toys and asks for affection,and fills our lives with great joy!»says the mistress.

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