The woman noticed a wet cat while untying a garbage bag, and she was unable to control her emotions.

A resident of sunny Rio de Janeiro, Alina Martins, while walking with her dog, accidentally noticed a moving garbage bag on the side of the road.

She did not attach much importance to this package, deciding that the package was moving from the wind. But after a couple of moments, she was attracted by the sound that came from this very package.

She thought she heard a faint meow. Then she decided to confirm her hunch and check this package.

With difficulty untying the tight knots, the woman was finally able to open the package and found inside a small, soaking wet and dirty kitten, who clearly needed help.

Alina freed the baby from the captivity of the garbage bag and began to calm him down, as the kitten was horrified by what had happened to him. The woman took the poor animal home.

To begin with, she bathed him, and after the bath, the girl thoroughly dried the poor fellow and prepared a temporary bed for him. As soon as the baby was in soft, warm blankets, he immediately began to purr in gratitude for the rescue.

The kitten was still very small, and therefore it had to be fed from a syringe.

When the kitten grew a little and was able to eat solid food, Alina decided to give him a name – Davy. Now Davy lives in a new loving family and he has many stepbrothers and sisters.

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