The woman recognized this kitty would now reside in her home when she first saw it.

The story of this kitten began in Berlin. A woman named Marin fed cats outside every day. The woman could not shelter all the homeless cats at home, so she decided to feed them in order to help her survive in difficult street conditions.

But one day Marin caught a very unusual kitten named Rocket.

The kitten was very unusual. It didn’t have hind legs. And as soon as the woman wanted to approach him, the kitten “ran away on his own two.” It can be assumed that the kitten was born with such a defect, but has already adapted well.

In the evening of the same day, Marin again came to feed the cats and again saw the unusual kitten. The baby was no longer afraid of the appearance of the woman and allowed her to come closer.

The woman could not resist the animal and decided to take him to her home, where it would be much easier for him to live.

The first night in a new place was very restless and exciting for the kitten. The kitten was lost, constantly crying, screaming, not letting the owners sleep. But Marin did not give up and decided to help the kitten by any means.

With each passing day of Rocket’s stay in the house, it became calmer. After a while, the kitten completely got used to it.

Apparently, the kitten realized that the woman does not wish him harm. The baby did his best to thank the savior, so he was always next to the owner and purred gratefully.

Rocket has shown himself to be a real fighter, there are no barriers for him. Despite the absence of two legs, the cat can easily climb out onto a chair or sofa.

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