The world’s best «souvenir»: the family brought a homeless puppy with huge eyes from vacation.

When you’re going on vacation,you usually don’t expect any surprises.It won’t occur to anyone that you can return from a trip with a new addition to the family.Nevertheless,this happens.

When Natalia Ternovykh was driving south with her family,she also did not think that they would return home in the company of a small puppy.Especially since at that time the girl already had a pet,a dog named Zlata,who is one and a half years old.Before leaving,people left the baby in the care of their grandmother,and they went on vacation.

And it should have happened thet it was next to the house where Natasha and her loved ones settled that a homeless dog brought puppies.They lived not far,so the girl had the opportunity to get to know the pets better.Since the whole family loves dogs very much,people could not resist thecharm of one of the puppies.So they returned home with a baby who was about 2,5 months old at the time.

All the way,the baby looked around with her huge,admirable eyes!It was as if she felt that this car was taking her to a happy future.
Now the pet is being adapted in a new house,of course,it has already become a favorite not only of the whole family,but also of the older dog Zlata…

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