The young man forgot to lock the door and an exhausted dog came to visit him,begging for help.

A young man named Jack made a note on his social network page that in the morning,getting up and going out into the living room,he first saw a dog.

The dog was very frightened and Jack and his wife did not know what to do with an animal that was shaking with fear.
They did not chase away the pet and,seeing its deplorable condition,took it to the vet.She had sever underweight and exhaustion,as well as injuries that needed to be treated.

The dog was about 9 years old and most likely she lived on the street,as no microchip was found.
Good nutrition with medicines had their positive effect — the dog became simply unrecognizable.

She was given the nickname Suzy and she become a real beautiful dog and she was so loved that they decided to keep her.

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