There was little time left!The guy drove 2,800 miles to save the pit bull!


Mario Rodriguez loves piy bulls! It was because of his love for the pit bulls that he,hearding one touching story from his wife,left everything to save the animal.
Rodriguez worked as a driver and at the time was 2,800 miles away from California for work.Then he decided that in order to save the dog,he needed to give up everything and he called the shelter to say that he was already going for Hickory.



After a long drive,Rodriguez was in place.As soon as Hickory saw the guy,the dog seemed to feel that this man came to save him.The pi bull almost jumped over the door of the kennel,and then,began to lick his face,hugging him with her paws.
It seems like it was love at first sight!



Hickory willingly jumped into the truck to the guy,and they went home to Georgia.Soon the dog met his new family and two pit bulls who lived at Mario’s house.
Now HIckory even has its own bed,which the owner made right in the truck!



Mario says his favorite dog was worth diving almost 3,000 miles!
Thanks to the guy for giving up everything and going to save the poor Hickory!

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