There’s a scientist cat! Bubba became the world’s first cat to graduate from…college!:)

Meet Bubba!He is an extraordinary pet because he loves to study and learn science.His favorite pastime is to go to school and sit in class.

Bubba calmly visits any office during classes,and also likes to communiate with students.He even has his own student card.
In 2009,Bubba got a house,but he still wanted to come to college and interact with students.

The cat is very sociable,kind and inquisitive!
The cat is always looking forward to the srat of classes.He takes the front row like a real excellent student.
No one never chases away a cat,because everyone is sincerely happy with his company.

Bubba is used to an increased interest in his person.He is pleased to be in the spotlight,to accept affection and friendliness.
Bubba «gradd from college» this year.He didn’t pass the exams,but celebrated his graduation with everyone;)

It is quite possible that the cat will soon be able to teach its own subjects.For example,»Catology»,»Cat in Literature» and «ChemikoKote».

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