These adorable wild sand cats have been captured on camera for the first time, after being looked for about 4 years

Look at these pictures!

They are absolutely precious and historical, because, only after 4 years of exploration, sand cats have actually been captured on cam.

For these adorable wild kittens it was their first photoshoot.

These cute creatures are about from 6-8 weeks old.

They were noticed by the Panthera cat organization.

The staff has been worked about two hours to capture the precious pics of the tiny little kitties.

Their working staff was leaded by ecologists Grégory Breton together with Dr. Alexander Sliwa.

One early spring day of 2022, they spotted the tiny wild kitties while returning to the camp, located in the Moroccan Sahara.

When the researchers finally spotted six shining eyes under a bush in darkness, they did not believe in their eyes at first.

They had being waited for that moment so long!

That was a really lucky day for them.

As Breton told, “these tiny adorable kittens were just awesome”.

It was the first in their history, who managed to make a documentary film about these wild creatures in their “African range”.

These kitties are the only representatives, who are able to live only in the deserts.

They are actually spread in North Africa, the Central Asia and the Middle East.

They have bright sand-colored fur, which make them not to be spotted.

Besides, they always erase their paw prints.

So, due to their exceptional ability to survive in deserted areas, people are not able to find them easily.

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