These kindhearted cops rescued 2 frozen Pit bulls and refused to leave them alone until the volunteers arrived

Once, driving home in severe cold weather at 5.00 in the morning Patrick Hennessy dreamed of one thing.

He only wished to get home and warm up as soon as possible.

However, when the kindhearted man spotted two frightened dogs in need of help, he could not stay indifferent.

He stopped and rushed to help, as he realized that his support was the best thing at the right moment.

The exhausted and frozen man immediately called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Soon, two young police officers arrived just on the spot.

The two poor stray dogs were cuddling each other and whining softly to could survive.

To their surprise, two young pups in need immediately approached the officers and licked them up as if to thank them.

The caring officers soon managed to calm down them and provide them with first aid.

The young men gently treated the pups and decided to stay near them, until the rescue team would arrive.

During those hours, the officers even hugged the frozen cute dogs to warm them up.

They made efforts to comfort both of the dogs so that they even could snooze in their arms.

Then, after the rescue team arrived they had to say goodbye to their new sweet furry friends, who would go to the care center for medical treatment.

The pups were so grateful to their rescuers, and the officers too fell in love with them so firmly, that they frequently went to visit them.

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