«They don’t have a mother!» was written on the box and the puppies sitting inside were waiting for help.

This story happened at the end of summer.One day a box was found under a tree.It would have been the most ordinary if it hadn’t been for one circumstance: hungry and frightened puppies were sitting inside…

When the staff of the shelter finally came to the kids,they saw that a depressing inscription was written on the box.The owner didn’t have the opportunity to keep several pets in the house,so he sincerely hoped that someone would help the babies.
Fortunately,someone noticed that the babies were sitting in a box and asked for help from the shelter.The volunteers immediately arrived and saw the kids that they were waiting for them with great impatience.

After they were brought to the shelter,the babies began to be fed with milk.And then they were put on the mat,and the puppies felt how comfortable it was than the box in which the owner threw them.
Fortunately,all the kids are cheerful and healthy!

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