They just drank spring water with semi-precious stones…And that’s what happened to the kittens!

Cats are amazing creatures,they see what we don’t see.
To grow a cedar forest,she soaked nuts in spring water with semi-precious stones.

I was very surprised when my kitty Kisya and Mura rescued from death drank this water,and wonderful transformations began!
Kishi had a brown plaque on her teeth.The doctor said that you can’t take it off — a cat can be left without teeth.Two days later,Kishi’s teeth became white,shiny.

I was very worried that Kisya weights only 6 kg — it’s not enough for a Siberian cat.She has a huge cesarean section scar on her tummy.The doctor said that Kisya was old and couldn’t give birth herself for the last time.
A fountain for 2 liters,and all the water was drunk by cats…

I planted pine nuts in the park with a dream that the squirrels would have as many nuts as they want.It’s very nice to come to the park and see cedar seedlings.
Anna Tatarenko

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