They wanted to put to sleep a sick dog,but it turned out that it could be saved…

In most cases,the sick animal is tried to cure.But sometimes there are situations when an animal is doomed to euthanasia,not wanting to bother with treatment…
That’s what happened to a beautiful dog named Fiona.The poor thing ended up in the hospital,and they decided to put her to sleep!She was seriously ill.Fiona was losing weight,tests showed severe anemia and reduced immunity….

However,the volunteers who learned about the dog didn’t give up.They insisted that doctors conduct additional diagnostics,postponing euthanasia,and soon Fiona began to inject plasma.Surprisingly,the dog felt so much better than that day she was able not only to get up,but even ate!It was a real holiday,because until recently it was planned to put her to sleep,not fight for the life of this glorious baby.

Fortunately,soon out heroine felt much better.After she was lying in a layer,it was amazing to see Fiona running,and even looks like a strong and active dog!
Seeing that she felt better,people moved her to another clinic,where the pet continues to be treated.Volunteers are happy to note that her health is improving day by day.Affectionate,beautiful and cheerful Fiona is now in the hospital and is taking confident steps forward a full recovery.

It’s good tat kind people didn’t let her euthanasia,and this dog lives,breathes and runs cheerfully!Now she will surely recover,an she will certainly find owners!

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