This adorable panda cub desperately wants to hug its nanny who is busy with work

Pandas can climb trees and swim beautifully, all their free time they walk in the forest and eat bamboo, being in a great mood.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the body of pandas is not subject to stress precisely because of the low-calorie diet. HM…

Let us take a note … By the way, the opinion that pandas are lazy and clumsy is fiction and deception, comrades! If the animal is in danger, it is able not only to run quickly but also to slide head over heels off the hill.

The panda’s claws are her powerful weapon, so believe me, it knows how to stand up for itself. The nature of the panda is peaceful, but, of course, you should not tease her.

How many hours a day do you think the panda spends at the dinner table? Ten or even twelve! Young bamboo shoots are practically its only food, but the bear chews grass all day.

Pandas are the main jewel of China, because they live only there, protected by law, as the apple of an eye.

In this story, a panda cub wanted a hug from its caretaker but the latter was busy with work. The tiny baby didn’t lose its hope and didn’t give up on its idea. Every time the nanny took it away from the workplace, it returned back and strongly hugged his leg.

Indeed, these peaceful and playful cubs get along well with people. See for yourself! But be warned: this is the funniest video we’ve ever seen!

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