This cat got famous for his unusual face and enjoys the attention of many kind people

Home animals are the most demanded content in the network, especially cats, and if someone has a non-standard outside – to be him an internet sign.

Toby lives in Stroud, which is in the county of Gloucestershire, South West England. Due the unusual muzzle the cat looks like a sad old man.

No, this is not a particular breed, derived by British selectors, just Toby has a genetic disease. The lack of collagen in the skin makes it hyper-elastic, this is called the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Toby’s fate is not easy, at first, he lived in an orphanage, no one wanted to take him home.

But last year Georgina and Christopher saw him on a website. Of course, they could not pass by and took it to themselves.

In the new house, the cat receives maximum care‚ both the owner and the specialists are watching for his health. You have come to restrict communication with other animals, he has only one friend – the cat Quinton.

Also, he cannot jump from a height of more than a meter, since Toby’s bones are quite fragile.

Cats have been friends since the day of their simultaneous “adoption”, Quinton is also special, he has no teeth, which had to be removed due to serious problems.

Friends often play, good-natured Quinton constantly tries to lick Toby’s face and always keeps his sharp claws retracted during games.

Everyone needs support, and they also really want to share their joy, success, so Georgina and Christopher started an Instagram account for their unusual pets.

And people did not remain indifferent, now the account has more than 70,000 subscribers. Georgina calls her cat a real ray of the sun, a small and beautiful ray.

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