This cat “serves” 6 houses, bringing roses to people. This is not the only oddity of the animal

How would you react if you saw flowers on the porch of your house in the morning? Agree, a very pleasant surprise!

This cat’s name is Willow, and every day she gives her neighbors freshly picked flowers!

In the house where the cat got into the habit of carrying “gifts”, the woman Rosie lives. Every morning she welcomes a fluffy guest who drags small rosebuds in her teeth.

Rosie says that their street is full of terraced houses with gardens behind them.

Willow visits about six gardens daily. Local residents are happy to meet the beauty in their yard. Well, how can you drive such beauty out of the yard? That’s right, no way!

It all started when Rosie had just moved into this house. One day, she saw how the neighbor’s cat impudently entered the room and settled down to sleep in the corridor, as if it was necessary.

By the way, the woman tried to close the front door, but it did not help – the cat came to visit and began to meow loudly until they opened it.

By the way, a similar situation occurred in neighboring houses. Willow did not deprive other neighbors of her attention. People even put a cardboard box at the door so that the kitty can take a nap, as well as food and water so that the animal can always have a snack.

But one day, the friendly pet really surprised Rosie by bringing her a whole bouquet!

Every day there were more and more flowers, and Rosie’s porch was simply buried in buds and petals, which, by the way.

The woman is touched by the act of the cat and believes that the animal sincerely loves her!

Willow seems to think that all people are good. Or even thinks that they are all her owners. Therefore, she often comes to other people’s houses just to lie on the couch …

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