This cute and sad-eyed kitten captivated everyone with her cute appearance

Almost everyone loves cats. They are soft, fluffy and love to purr.

Of course, we can argue for a long time about who is more important, a cat or a person, but this question has been solved for a long time.

The world is ruled by cats, but this is a big secret.

Well, who else could they be if their functions consisted only of sleeping, eating and walking? Of course, not everyone is so lucky.

Some live on the streets, or worse, with people who bully them. But today we would like to talk about the saddest cat in the world.

It turns out that he lives in Beijing, China.

We can’t say that Luhu lives badly because he has a beautiful house and a good owner Maggie.

It’s just that the cat was born with such a sad face. By the way, Luhu’s siblings look completely normal.

But even such a sad face does not prevent Luhi from gaining popularity on Instagram.

Now more than 160,000 people have followed the chats page. Everyone wants to see the cute cat from China.

And no one is ashamed of her sad appearance, because she is just cute.

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