This dog does not stop hugging the pillow of his brother,who is no longer in this world…

Two charming dogs Spencer and Rocky were inseparable and friends for ten long and happy years.
«They didn’t spend a night apart,»said dog owner Beth Fisher.»When Rocky and Spencer left,they slept in the same bed,ate from the same bowl and always walked together.

«Unfortunately,the idyll ended when the vet found Rocky’s serious illness and there was only one way to put and end to the suffering of the animal.
According to Fisher,»Rocky had to get the last injection that day,»Although Rocky’s sudden departure was difficult to survive,we can’t imagine how terrible Spencer had to lose his younger brother.After Rocky passed away,Spencer was devastated.He woke up at night,looked for him and whined with grief.

Spencer has hugged Rocky’s pillow since that day,carrying it from the owner’s sofa to her bed.He finally has something to snuggle up and he became much more balanced.

Although no force will return Rocky,Spencer found solace in the fact that his closest friend is always with him and that he will never face life difficulties alone.This new pillow and the support of his family supported the dog in his grief.

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