This dog made a closest friend during his six years at the shelter. And when someone arrived to get him, he couldn’t leave her behind.

Once, on one of the streets in Thailand, a passer-by found this unfortunate dog. He was only a few months old. He had pneumonia, malnutrition, and a severe skin infection that left him with almost all of his hair.

And most likely the dog would have died on the street if good people had not found him. When they noticed him, he was sitting on the side of the road and was trembling continuously, because without wool he had no way to keep warm.

The people who picked him up immediately took him to the clinic, where doctors began to fight for his life. Doctors gave him the name Shiver because he kept trembling.

Shiver is not used to the fact that someone takes care of him and therefore he was very shy and did not know how to behave. The doctors, and later the volunteers of the shelter, tried to convince him that he should not be afraid and embarrassed.

So he spent six whole years in the shelter. The workers had already decided that apparently he was destined to spend his whole life in this shelter.

For a long time spent in the shelter, Shiver found a girlfriend. The dog’s name was Ework and they were constantly together and did not part for a moment.

A family from the USA saw a story about Shiver on the Internet and fell in love with him with all their hearts. They got together and came to Thailand specifically to give the dog a new home.

And when they arrived at the shelter, they discovered a close connection between the two dogs and could not separate them.

Now this couple has everything they dreamed of, their own home, their loving family, and, most importantly, they have each other!

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