This elderly female bear, a mother of 17, gave birth to 4 healthy cubs.

The famous Bear-399 has lived her whole life in the Grand Teton Conservation Area. She is 24 years old and at the beginning of last year she confirmed her title of one of the most prolific female bears, having given birth to four cubs at once at an age quite advanced for animals, and this became a record.

She delivered 17 cubs throughout her life and, the last delivery was also out of the ordinary, because bears give birth to two cubs at a time, or, in extreme cases, three cubs, while delivering four cubs at a time is very rare.

Besides, the employees of the reserve claim that they doubted the ability to give birth at this age, because grizzlies rarely live longer than 25-30 years, that is, the mother-bear was at retirement age.

But this female decided to demonstrate that there are always exceptions and she is an incredibly caring mother who nurses her cubs all day and doesn’t let anyone even close to them. And it’s better not to go against her, as she can become very dangerous.

Moreover, she chose a place of residence in the reserve, which is filled with tourists, and this is very wise, since the remote corners where other bears live can pose a danger to her cubs.

She is already a really big name in this park and you can see her with her cubs when passing by the reserve. In total, there are up to 750 grizzlies in Grand Teton.

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