This elephant lost itself with joy while playing in snow – the scene that melted millions of hearts

We are used to seeing the giant elephants in safaris where they like to play in the mud. But it’s hard to imagine them playing with snow.

Our eyes are used to see polar bears or penguins playing in the snow. However, it turns out that elephants can be over-excited about the snow.

It became clear when in January 2017 because of bad weather there were unwanted delays. So many activities and visits were canceled in the Oregon Zoo.

So the zoo stopped working for some days. People got sad but not the animals! On these days they were able to enjoy the snow like a child.

Remember us when schools were closed, and we were free to play in the snow and lay on it, make snowballs and a snowman. It was the funniest part of our childhood.

It turns out that not only humans, elephants also are crazy about snow! The same happened in this zoo when an elephant cub saw snow for the first time.

When it started walking on it, the calf realized that snow is created to have fun! When its joyful experience was shared on YouTube, it gained more than 4 million views.

In the video filmed by the zoo staff, the elephant is rolling around and having fun in a snowdrift.

From now on, enjoy every moment of winter like this buddy, so that in the future you won’t regret it.

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