This guy saved about a thousand dogs from death at the annual dog meat festival in China.

This week,a 10-day dog meat festival started in the Chinese city of Yulin.During the festival,the Chinese hammer more than 10,000 dogs whose meat is eaten to celebrate the summer solstice.One of the activists of the animal protection center Mark Ching went to Yulin to free the dogs locked in cages.

In total,Mark Ching’s non-profit organization managed to release about 1,000 dogs from 6 different cattle.
Opponents of animal massacre collected more than 11 million signatures for a petition demanding a ban on the festival.

Despite the protests of activists throughout China,Yulin’s local authorities continue to celebrate this festival annually at the beginning of the summer solstice.Many supporters of dog eat use say that dog meat helps those suffering from the heat in the summer months.

Coming to the slaughterhouse,Mark usually introduce himself as a buyer of dog meat,after which he picks up the dogs and send them to the United States by ship for rehabilitation and acceptance into the family.In rare cases,he convinces owners to give up business in exchange for money.

On his social network page,Mark reported that he was beaten for questioning during his trip to Yulin.Despite the fact that the festival is not officially recognized by the government and is help exclusively at the expense of local businessmen,the police are trying their best to disrupt the actions of activists and volunteers.

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