This loyal and caring dog wakes up its owner almost every day to save his life

This Labrador from the USA is named Jeddi. Every day the smart animal saves the life of his 7-year-old friend Luke Nutala.

That night, Luke and Jeddi slept in the same bed as usual. Suddenly the pup felt that the boy was in bad condition – he suffered from diabetes.

Luke’s mom, Dorrie, slept in another room and didn’t hear the device squeak, recording her son’s low blood pressure. Jeddi instantly rushed into Dorrie’s bedroom, to alert her – Luke could not wait.

The Labrador has always sensed the chemical changes in the boy’s organism faster than any instrument.

Soon, Jeddi was taught special commands in order to clearly make Dorrie understand what was going on with Luke.

When the pup senses that his owner is in danger, it calls Dorrie. Jeddi approaches his mom and gives her a colorful stick. If the boy has a low blood sugar level, the pup lies on the floor, with an increased level, it raises its paw up.

Jeddi has been guarding Luke for over 3 years. Without him, the child and his mother, Dorrie, would have been much harder.

In honor of Jeddi, the family constantly throws parties – Dorrie would like people all over the world to learn about how a dog can help a sick child.

Luke and Jedi have their own Facebook page, where the boy’s mom updates the story of their “Star Wars.” Dorrie, like many other mothers, has a difficult time with a chronically ill child. Thank God there is Jeddi nearby – a real Jeddi!

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