This puppy was left to die,tied to a shop near the pharmacy.

Imagine the situation:you pass by the store and see a dog tied near it,will you suspect something wrong?Of course not.Most likely,you will think that the owner is inside and will come out soon.That’s exactly what visitors to one of the American pharmacies thought,passing by and seeing a pit bull puppy tied to the shop.But there were minutes,hours,days,and no one took away a hungry and exhausted dog…

Finally,a compassionate person called an animal control service.They saw an exhausted,half-living puppy all bitten by parasites…The dog was urgently taken to a veterinary,where veterinarians,provided it with the necessary assistance.
It turned out that the puppy was only seven months old,and the identity of its monster owner,who left the dog to die on the street,unfortunately,could not be recognized.
Pit bull quickly recovered.He was insanely grateful to the people who saved him and happily responded to the nickname Dempsey.

It took four months to put the dog on all four healthy paws.And now it’s a completely healthy dog.
Despite the suffering experienced,the pit bull was clearly born under a lucky star.
Very soon he was taken away by an American family,so now Dempsey has a new,happy life!

A completely sick and sad puppy is now simply unrecognizable — it’s a beautiful,happy,friendly and very good-natured dog.He loves to play with balls of wool — but to everyone’s surprise,he doesn’t tear them))
Fortunately for Dempsey — he is now with a new foster family,in which he is a real and full-fledged member of the family!

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