This tiny hedgehog completely changed the life of the anxious veterinarian

Despite the fact that veterinarian Massimo chose the profession of love, and he really loves animals, he didn’t consider himself a happy person.

Unfortunately, he didn’t receive a proper salary for his committed work, so Massimo worked in several hospitals right away to help the relatives and feed himself and his wife as well.

For a long time, the man was suffering from anxiety. But one day a woman came to the blade and brought a dying hedgehog weighing only 25 grams.

Massimo decided for himself that he would fight for the life of this creature and not let him die.

By the way, the sweet hedgehog turned out to be a girl. The doctor named her Nina and began to actively feed her with mixtures for baby animals, saturate her body with vitamins.

She also needed warmth, so Massimo actively heated it. Surprisingly, but the baby survived and began to grow actively, although there were no positive forecasts.

However, the time has come to say goodbye to her, because hedgehogs are not adapted to life in the house and can only live in the wild. Then the doctor took the baby to the reserve.

Surprisingly, it was Nina who helped the doctor find his calling. Today Massimo and his wife are busy rescuing hedgehogs.

They created their own sanctuary and hedgehog rescue center. Today Massimo is quite happy with his life and work but he knows that it is thanks to little Nina!

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