Three baby raccoons lost their mom, sweet pit bull adopted them instead

Animals are more attentive towards each other than humans. They seek no benefits, they are just kind and caring.

It’s so sweet to see how a mother dog takes care of her own babies but when she is fostering a trio of baby raccoons is really strange.

That is what happened with the pit bull named Ashlyn. She lives in a house in Canada near the woods. That’s how she got familiar with the raccoons.

When the owner of Ashlyn saw the poor babies all alone for a long time, she understood that they wouldn’t survive. So she let them in her house and bottle-fed the raccoons for several days.

They the woman decided to give a try for Ashlyn to take care of the wild animals. They were too tiny. The babies needed maternal care and warmth.

For the first couple of days, Ashlyn was a bit confused about her role but soon her maternal instincts started to work. She became truly a very caring mother.

The pit bull goes for walks with her fostered babies and helps them to get familiar with the difficulties of wildlife.

Both Ashlyn and her owner are preparing Storm, Hailey and Rain to the wild nature.

Sooner or later the raccoons have to go back to their natural habitat. They need to be prepared for that!

Thank you Ashlyn for your kindness and dedication to the raccoon trio!

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