Three-year-old Nelly gave birth to 18 Dalmatian puppies.

Normally, dogs give birth to no more than 10 puppies, and even a dozen is considered to be unusual. However, the dog named Nelly, who lives with Louise Clement, broke all records by giving birth to 18 babies.

By the way, everything is fine with both the mom and the puppies. Now Nelly has ten boys and eight girls. The delivery was long and all the puppies survived. At first, Louise thought that there would be 15 puppies, and after the birth of the fifteenth puppy, the exhausted mother simply fell asleep. However, this was not the end.

The woman has been breeding Dalmatians for more than thirty years, but this is the first time she has seen such a case. Now the woman has 27 Dalmatian dogs.

Fortunately, the house is large, as is the surrounding area, and the puppies can play and run around. Special slides were built and a street house was attached for them.

The puppies like that house so much that they often fall asleep there.

The woman understands that her age and health no longer allow her to provide proper care for so many pets.

She intends to put up 17 puppies for sale, and keep one for herself, as a symbol of this outstanding event.

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