Three years ago,the girl lost her dog…And recently she turned on the TV and jumped with joy!

Lucy Fraustro lost her favorite dog in 2015…The girl’s grief cannot be described in words!

She always considered her pit bull named Dodger special — since puppy age.Her pet knew how to smile — yes,yes,don’t doubt it!Lucy,looking at his smiling face,just melted with delight.
In October 2015,the girl went outside to feed her dogs and didn’t see Dodger.He disappeared,very upsetting his mistress.

But Lucy wasn’t going to give up — she began to actively look for a dog.She asked for help in fining friends and acquaintances,posted ads around the city and stopped by shelters,hoping that her pet accidentally ended up in one of them.Unfortunately,the serach was unsuccessful.

On July 4,2018,the girl watched the morning show «Good Morning,Los Angeles!» on TV.Part of the program was dedicated to animals looking for shelter.
Surprisingly,Lucy recognized her pit bull!The girl only managed to exclaim:»God!This is my boy!My Dodger!»
The girl wasn’t wrong — it was really Dodger!She immediately went to the shelter to meet her missing pet.

It turns out thet all employees were crazy about the pet,which was called Butler in the shelter!And a month before Lucy saw the animal on the TV screen,there was an owner for the dog,but he almost immediately returned the pet to the shelter.

Seeing her Dodger after a long separation,Lucy even burst into tears…
It’s great that it all ended this way!

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