Tied to the store in the cold,the dog couldn’t believe that the old lady was leaving without him.

Ann parked near the supermarket and went outside,where it was noticeably cold.Neat the store,Ann saw a dog tied at the entrance.Dog was a little,still a puppy.
She smiled at the animal and barely restrained from stroking it.The girl spent 30 minutes in the store and when she left the store,she saw that the puppy was still sitting in his place.

The dog looked into the distance,and she involuntarily turned her gaze there.The silhouette of the old woman was visible in the distance,as she moved away,the dog began to whine louder and louder.
The girl stopped and began to think about what to do with the puppy.and soon an old woman approached the puppy,who had a couple of large bags in her hands.Seeing the woman,the puppy jumped with joy.
Ann immediately realized that this time the story ended happily,so she got into the car with a smile on her face and she felt how the happening warmed her heart.

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