Tiny kitten called for help to his mother, but she did not come. Instead, baby found a loving human parents

This baby, named Sassi, was found by people in the yard of the house. The baby called his mother for help very loudly. His call for help attracted the attention of the owners of the house.

When they took the kitten in their arms, they were surprised at its size – it was very tiny.

Unfortunately, as soon as the baby opened her eyes, she was all alone, that’s why she called her beloved mother for help.

As the owners of the house, who found the kitten, later said, that for some reason her mother did not come to the call of the kitten, so they took her to their place and tried to feed her, but the baby could not eat on her own yet.

This worried Sassi’s new guardians a lot.

Young people were forced to bottle feed the baby every two hours, but this did not cause them much trouble even at night. They were pleased that the kitten had an excellent appetite, and he was slowly recovering from the stress he had endured.

When Sassi found her weight was no more than 140 grams, but by the end of the week she weighed 180 grams! The baby has shown herself to be a real fighter for life! She even learned to hold the small bottle with her paws on her own and eat!

The owners say that they made every effort so that the kitten survived and got stronger. Over time, his eyes were completely open and his gait was already more confident!

A month and a half later, the kitten already weighed half a kilogram. Sassy is a cheerful and inquisitive cat who is interested in everything that happens around her.

Thanks to human love and care, the baby began to turn into a beautiful cat.

The new owners of the cat are very happy with such a gift of fate!

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