To save the baby, the dog brought a stranger to a mountainous place

This fantastic situation took place at the end of last year on the island of Cebu, which belongs to the Philippines. A local man named Jenrel, as usual, got to the side of the house along the mountain road. Like the rest of the islanders, he used a bike.

Suddenly, the vehicle began to pursue a dog. With loud barks, she tried to draw attention to herself and ran to keep up with the motorcycle. Jenrell realized that the dog was rushing after him for a reason.

And the man’s intuition did not disappoint!

The man got off the motorcycle and followed the dog, which seemed to be trying to show him something. A few minutes later, Jenrell reached the local dump, and the dog began to twirl around some discarded bundle.

How surprised the man was when it turned out that there was a baby in the package.

Jenrel instantly called the police. The kid, and it turned out that it was a boy, was taken to the hospital. The child did not have any health problems. In the confusion, the dog that saved the child was temporarily forgotten.

But she was found a week later in the same area. It turned out that the dog has owners. The local charity “Hope for Stray Animals” arrived at the home of the owners of the four-legged savior with presents.

It turned out that the dog’s name is Blackie. Ten more dogs live with Blackie in the house.

The financial situation of the owners of the animal leaves much to be desired. But now a charitable foundation oversees them in the form of gratitude for the fact that people raised such a sensitive and quick-witted dog.

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