Touching to tears: a pigeon that can’t fly is friends with a puppy that can’t walk.

True friendship does not recognize boundaries, and all living beings, regardless of species, are able to make friends. The story of the friendship between Herman the pigeon and Lundy the chihuahua, who instantly hit it off, is a great proof of this claim.

They met at an organization that houses and cares for animals with birth defects. Herman is unable to fly, and Lundy is unable to walk due to paralysis of hind legs. Their friendship touches souls and evokes a smile and the most tender and touching feelings.

The story of an incredible friendship has spread all over the web and users around the world are sharing this story on their pages.

The organization reports that the pigeon appeared in the shelter a couple of years ago. He was found in the car, unable to move. Sue Rogers, who owns the foundation, received a call to report the dove, and she accepted it.

They helped Herman to recover, as he was completely exhausted, but, unfortunately, he will no longer be able to fly. It must have been the result of an infection or traumatic brain injury. The bird is taken out for a walk every day, to get some fresh air.

And a couple of months ago, a Chihuahua puppy was delivered to the foundation. Lundy is still very young, he was brought to the organization at the age of four weeks. He weighed only 140 grams. and in 12 days in the organization he became almost twice his size. The breeder had turned to the foundation and had told about a puppy he could not take care of because his spinal cord was damaged.

From the very first day of their appearance in the fund, the puppy was looked after, and Herman was nearby on the couch. Soon they put them next to each other and, unexpectedly for the employees, they immediately became friends. Animals lie in bed, roll and hug. They simply cannot imagine their lives without each other.

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