Twin kittens who needed a mother eventually find nurturing cat to help raising them

A pair of lovely kittens were taken to Baby Kitten Rescue organization in search for a better life.

The kittens’ mother after having the kids was unable to care for them at an emergency animal hospital, as she was so weak.

Pei Chiu, a foster volunteer, arrived to take them up after a few days in intensive care.

And she was shocked to see the kittens, as the fourth day the cats gained more than 180 grams.

Monica and Chandler, the kittens, were practically similar and formed an unshakable friendship from the start.

Chandler had a quieter voice while his sister talked in squeaks, and they were both so aggressive.

When they weren’t fighting with each other, they were cuddled up.

While the two were prospering and developing by leaps and bounds, Pei’s resident cat, Tuco, became aware of their squeaking noise and wished to assist, taking part in their upbringing.

Tuco liked every kitten its human mother brings home and insists on helping them.

He came into Pei’s care as a foster child and stayed permanently.

The caring cat has a sweet place for needy kittens, and the twin tabbies were no exception.

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