Two abandoned dogs did not leave each other a single step. So the shelter had to go against the rules

Two dogs named Sisi and Chewbacca ended up at an animal shelter after their owners had babies and they were no longer needed.

Both dogs ended up in the Animal Rescue League, the Iowa animal welfare organization in the United States.

It’s hard to imagine the desperation a dog must have felt when it was abandoned by the people it considered family.

Despite all the difficulties, these two dogs could count on each other’s love and care.

Every time one of the shelter staff came to check on the dogs, Sisi and Chewbacca lay together, embracing.

Their friendship was so touching that the shelter staff decided to make an exception for them, these two dogs would be given to the same owners, and they would never be separated.

A photo of Sisi and Chewbacca was posted online by the orphanage, and through the magic of social media, their story became known to thousands of people.

As a result, a family was found that adopted both dogs! Now, these two can be happy in a common loving home and continue their strong friendship.

We all need a firm shoulder to lean on in difficult times, don’t you agree? These two fluffy creatures are great examples of true friends.

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