Two dogs got into wire traps:they whined in pain…

In a phone call,the girl said that she saw a dog with wire on her paw that needs help.It was not possible to catch a rushing animal,so a professional catcher was called.It turned out that there were two dogs and both got entangled in the wire.

In the care of one of the animals there was a clip notifying that it was sterilized,but how reliable it is yet to be checked,situations,when the clip is hung and animals are not sterilized,are very common.

The dog was nicknamed Jasur,veterinarians determined his age as 4-5 years,the girl was named Jaga.
The animals fell into snares placed by one of the men in front of his house.Not only animals,but also children can get into such a trap.

The wire caused quite serious injuries,both dogs are directed to a veterinarian clinic and they will have to undergo surgery.In total,we sent 4 dogs to the doctors,over the past few days we have received many animals that need serious treatment.

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