Two dogs with tangled wool were lying outside under old chairs.

It happened in one of the cities of Greece — Cardice.Two dogs were accidentally found on the street by people.They immediately contacted the volunteers and informed them about homeless animals…

The volunteers came and took the dogs with them.Poor dogs trembled in their hands like leaves in the wind…Horror and distrust were read in their eyes…
Soon the dogs were brought to the shelter.They gave them some water and food,and the dogs greedily attacked the treat.

And in the morning,the pets were taken to the vet.It was necessary to examine them and get rid of tangled dirty wool,which could not be combed.

However,unfortunately,there is no way to bath the dogs in the shelter so that they are clean.Volunteers admitted that the conditions do not allow to keep animals there.
I really want to hope that soon someone will take the dogs to their house,and they will not have to live homeless,as it used to be.

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