Two little kittens had a sick sister to look after but then they met a real mother

A woman named Megan Sorbar once came across 3 tiny kittens. They clung to one another and cried pitifully.

The woman decided to find their mother, but there was no result and no cat anywhere. These babies were completely alone, and in fact, Megan did not know what happened.

Megan decided to take them with her because if she threw them, they would have died, who would help them?

When the woman bent over the kids, she noticed an extraordinary picture: two of them were lying on their sides and warming the third.

Later it became clear that this was a girl that was rather weak and could not even get up. And her 2 brothers helped her sister as best they could.

Megan brought them home and fed them all. The kittens were named Pistachio, Coconut and Praline. They also became friends with Biste, that readily took the role of the mother.

The dog surrounded them with love and care and literally became their foster mother.

She devoted a lot of time to the baby because she needed some care. Soon Pistachio began to recover walk and even run. Thanks to the woman’s kind step, the kittens not only became a part of the family but also they received the warmth of maternal love.

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