Two shelter dogs became inseparable friends!

Some people seriously believe that such complex feelings as love,friendship,loyalty,animals are simply not able to experience.And even if you had any doubts about this,having learned the history of these two dogs,you will finally make sure that the animals are also capable of strong sincere feelings.

Little Sisi and huge Chewbacca from a dog shelter in Iowa are more tan just friends.
Once in a shelter,these two dogs became a family for each other — because they don’t have another family now.

Once each of these dogs had a house.But now it’s not there.The story is common:a child was born in the family,who soon became allergic to dog hair,and,as a result,the owners handed over four-legged friends to a shelter.
«Sisi is constantly next to Chewbacca:she either sits on him,or falls apart on his back,or gently settles next to him,»say the staff of the shelter established by the Iowa Animal Rescue League.

Despite the impressive difference in size,the friendship of these dogs is genuine.Their main dream is a loving owner who would take them from the shelter to a warm house…but certainly together.

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