Until recently,a fat dog took a few steps and fell from fatigue,and today it has completely changed!

Meet Kai,and he was incredibly fat!The dog weighed more than 70 kilograms,and he needed to lose weight for his own health!

Obviously,the owners did not like this state of affairs too much,so they decided to take the dog to the vet and put him to sleep…
But then there was a woman who categorically opposed such a decision.She thought it was much better to help Kai lose weight than to put to sleep a nice dog who was not to blame for his family overfeeding the pet.The good-natured dog was in the hands of a new hostess who took him to her house.
First of all,the woman made sure that the dog received only high-quality and low-calorie food.Vegetables have also been added to the diet…

The nest stage was sports.Every day the hostess and dog took long-distance walks…
And a happy day came when the scales showed a mark of 34 kilograms
!That was exactly the goal that the hostess went to on the advice of a veterinarian!

The hostess admits that she is proud of him and Kai is just happy,because he can run,play and just live!

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