«We’ll have a baby!» Dogs guard the pregnant mistress so hard that even couriers bypass their house.

Jess Kristoffers,the owner of two charming dogs,became pregnant.The girl didn’t even think that her pets would understand what position she was in,but soon they guessed everything.

Rocky spend more time with his mistress that his friend.By the way,the dog appeared in the house recently.A month ago,Jess decided that it would be nice to make a friend for Dioga.She decided that two pets would be much more fun together,and they would not be offended by her for spending a little less time that before.

But everything didn’t go according to plan.Instead of distracting Dioga from the pregnant mistress,Rocky teamed up with a new friend to take care of his human mother around the clock.
As you know,dogs know how to sniff chemical changes in the body of the mistress.

Not every dog is determined to catch such changes.Recently,they have not been moving away from the hostess by a single step.
Pets guard the house and its owner so carefully that even couriers do not like to approach the window of Jess living room.

It seems that someone can’t wait to meet their new friend!Jess is sure that her devoted pets will become loyal friends for the future child
Can you imagine the happinedd of the pets when the baby is finally born?This will be an event!

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