When a dog is scared and does not stop barking, the loving human realizes what is going to happen.

When the 13-year-old dog named Sam got into trouble, he didn’t expect a good outcome. A dog, a Labrador mix, fell through the ice on the Middle River in Madison County, Iowa.

He could not get out of the ice trap on his own, and everything would have ended very badly. But then, fate gave him another chance. Nearby, a man was walking his dog when he suddenly heard a plaintive bark coming from the direction of the river.

The man realized that the dog was in trouble, and immediately began to act.

Jerry Romin was walking his dog named Lucy. He put Lucy in his truck and headed towards the bridge where barking could be heard.

From the bridge, Jerry saw Sam.

Only the head of the exhausted and frozen dog stuck out of the icy water. The dog desperately fought for his life.

Jerry tried to get close to the dog to pull it out of the water, but he couldn’t get close enough. And every time Jerry got closer, Sam let out an even more heart-rending scream.

Jerry tried to reach Sam with the rope but still couldn’t get close enough without going into the water. Finally, he called 911.

Rescuers arrived at the scene fifteen minutes later. Jerry told the two firefighters where Sam was, after which they quickly pulled Sam out of the frozen river.

Although Sam was so cold that he even stopped shivering, the vet got the poor animal back on his feet in 30 minutes.

We should all follow Jerry’s example and listen to our intuition when it tells us that someone is in trouble and is desperate for our help.

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