When a pregnant girl felt bad at night,her dog was around.And now he doesn’t take his eyes off newborn girls!

As soon as dogs Thor and Sherman guessed thet their mistress was pregnant,they became even more attentive to the girl.The pets didn’t move a step away from her…

Sometimes Tiffany,the mistress of the dogs,seems that the animals learned about the pregnancy before she herself.
Corgi Thor followed the girl from room to room,while considering it mandatory to touch her somehow.When the situation got out of control and the girl felt bad in the middle of the night,the dog was nearby.

The girl went to the hospital and two twin girls were born.Thor and Sherman were very excited,because they knew for sure thet they had a replenishment.
As soon as the girl returned home with her daughters,Thor did not step away from the babies,being competely delighted!And Sherman keeps up with his friend Thor,watching the babies all his eyes.

Is there anyone more sensitive and devoted in the world than a dog?

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