When greeting her new puppy sister, the golden retriever reacts in the cutest way.

It’s always heartbreaking when siblings meet for the first time.

And it affects not only people, but also animals.

When this family decides to introduce their pet Golden Retriever to his biological puppy sister, the outcome is nothing short of touching.

Boomer, a 1.5-year-old Golden Retriever, was adopted when he was a puppy.

But now, Boomer’s wonderful human parents have decided that he would benefit from having another puppy to play and spend time with.

What better choice than Boomer’s biological puppy sister, the 8-week-old Bella?

Their human parents felt the Boomer’s reaction would be entertaining, so they recorded the entire thing.

While the Golden Retriever excitedly awaits the entrance, his humans are in the garage putting together a nice surprise for him.

Boomer can’t contain his excitement as his human mother enters the house with a large paper bag in her hand.

Boomer gets the sweetest reaction when Bella steps on the floor.

He began to sniff her and kiss her, like if she were his little sister.

Even though Bella looks to be overwhelmed by the reception she receives, the two pups form an immediate relationship.

And it’s all captured in a beautiful photo. After all, it’s no surprise that over 12 million people have seen that on social media.

Take a peek, you’ll fall in love right away!

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